On Thursday, January 31, 2019, the following updates to the Flexcheck Webclient (EPICS) process are scheduled to be in place:
" Web users will select which pathway they are using to complete the SP4-113 PA Application/Record of Sale (ROS):  Paper ROS; Topaz Signature; or Touchscreen Finger Signature
" For Topaz or Touchscreen options, the Gun Make field will be entered instead of the Make Code field.
" To view and print the electronic ROS form, users will click the pdf link as you currently can now, from the ROS Document window, or the final Approval Code window.
The HELP menu option on the Flexcheck home page will contain updated documents for your reference. You may direct any questions to the Firearms Administrative Section at 717-772-1896, 717-346-3091 or 717-705-8842.

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WARNING: Web access to the Pennsylvania Instant Check System is for Official use only. E-PICS is intended for use by Pennsylvania Licensed Firearm Dealers and County Sheriffs to verify an applicant's eligibility to legally purchase/transfer a firearm or obtain a License to Carry.

As provided in 18 Pa. C.S. § 6111(g) (3) of the Pennsylvania Uniform Firearms Act, "...Any person, licensed dealer, licensed manufacturer or licensed importer who knowingly and intentionally requests a criminal history, juvenile delinquency or mental health record check or other confidential information from the Pennsylvania State Police under this chapter for any purpose other than compliance with this chapter or knowingly and intentionally disseminates any criminal history, juvenile delinquency or mental health record or other confidential information to any person other than the subject of the information commits a felony of the third degree."

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